Posted: December 23, 2019 by NL9GrSVaPr

Larry is available now to help with many different areas of your enterprise. Feel free to contact him and set up a meeting.

Advice and Analysis

Thorough feedback on existing website, app features, white papers, etc. Clients consistently express surprise at quality, quantity, and detailed precision of project analysis. Specializations include publishing, reference, education, wikis, collaboration, academia, more.


Product concept brainstorming, idea evaluation and refinement and project planning, i.e., plan drafting.

Project Management

Translation of plans into technical requirements, technical requirements refinement. User testing.

Writing and Editing

Experienced blogger and published writer about topics in technology, politics, education policy, and philosophy. Manifestos and mission statements.

See some of Larry’s publications.

PR and Marketing

Larry has a lot of experience getting press engagement and managing PR. From PR strategy to hiring a PR company, Larry can help.

See some of Larry’s press.

Public Speaking

Larry has given many speeches around the world over the last 15 years and is often the conference headliner.

See some of Larry’s speeches.


If Larry feels he can endorse a project publicly (dependent on meeting criteria), he is willing to do so on stage, in video and text.

Video Creation

Having spent a number of years working with and editing videos for WatchKnowLearn and ReadingBear (no longer under Larry’s management), as well as educational videos for his YouTube channel, Larry can help you produce an effective video for your project, one at least as good as this. See more videos on Larry’s YouTube Channel.