Two-Hour Internet & Business Reviews

Posted: May 24, 2020 by admin

As a long-time player in the tech industry I always feel the urge to give back. My two-hour reviews were created to offer the kind of insider advice that is usually impossible to get for new companies and startups. Learning and critiquing a fresh concept is always welcome, and it gives me a chance to see new technology that I may have missed.

This is, as the advertisers say, “a limited-time offer.” I don’t know how long I will be able to keep doing this, considering that several promising big projects, which might require my full attention, are on the horizon.

“…we can’t recommend the experience more highly.”

Geoff Pallay, Editor-in-Chief

I will spend two hours privately reviewing your product (website or app), business plan, or white paper—or I can just chat with you. My aim: to give you my top advice on how to improve your project.
• Price (done within a week): $200
• With guaranteed 24 hour turnaround: $300
• Drop everything and do it now (if I am available; check first): $400

“I’d love to have his services when I do my due diligence. In fact, I have consulted with Larry when considering investments in e.g., the crowdsourcing information space.”

Terrence Yang, Managing Director
Yang Ventures

If I say anything positive about your app or business in the review, you can quote me. But don’t count on me saying anything positive. I make no guarantees; I am not selling endorsements. I aim at honesty and sincerity.

If my feedback takes the form of written work, I guarantee over 1,000 words of specific, targeted feedback—often I produce more than that. Absolutely no boilerplate. I will share any ideas I can think of for improving your project. You are essentially renting my critical creativity; I am thinking for you. You can ask me to focus on particular topics and questions, too.

“I am very glad I took Larry up on his two-hour review offer. His feedback gave me a lot to think about with regards to my business. He also provided several actionable ways to improve the user experience on my website. The report was very thorough and well written. It is obvious that Larry is at the top of his field. I highly recommend and will be using again.”

Brandon Harris
Smooth Photo Scanning

These reviews are a classic win-win. For you, they give you my highest-octane feedback: the first two hours of my reactions to your project. That is great value for $200. For me, they’re great fun, and they allow me to begin relationships with a high volume of potential clients. The volume also allows me to justify the relatively low rate.

“When I was teaching entrepreneurship at Chapman University, I asked Larry to give some advice to a student group. He came back with more feedback than I expected. It was exactly on target, detailed, and insightful, reflecting his expertise with online community-building. Larry is a thoughtful and clear communicator and a true expert in his areas of strength. I highly recommend getting his help.”

Christopher Buckstein
Dynamic Investments, Inc.

I have occasionally had trouble collecting my fee, and that’s a headache I don’t need. So, to get started, I need two things:

1. An explanation of what you need. I recommend two hours of written feedback—and guaranteed, it will be a lot. But you can opt for 100% conversation, or mix and match. Experiences shows we can get a lot done in two hours even with a combination. If any part of it is written feedback, I’ll need some link(s) to or a copy of the thing you want feedback on. If it’s mostly a conversation you want, it would still be nice to have something in advance (like a URL), but that is ultimately up to you. (A few people haven’t had much prepared, or specifically didn’t want me to look at anything before we talked.)

2. My fee sent via Venmo at @larrysanger or (your choice) PayPal at (I will be happy to pay the PayPal fee).
When both are received, I will get started.

“Larry has a very unique skill set as a business consultant in his ability to quickly and efficiently download and understand any product or service, organize strengths and weaknesses, and present his recommendations. He is as thorough as he is honest, and won’t make recommendations that he doesn’t sign off on 100%. With his vast experience, at a bare minimum, he can help any entrepreneur understand more about their own product/service. I highly recommend working with Larry.”

Perrin Peacock, Co-founder