Posted: December 28, 2019 by NL9GrSVaPr

“Sanger is considered a fundamental player in the history of the modern internet…” Salon, 2019

One of “Star performers with undergraduate humanities degrees” BBC, 2019; list on this page, with note on me: “plus a Ph.D in philosophy, Ohio State University”

Among the “long-time digital leaders.” The Atlantic, 2010

“Among Wikipedia’s many unusual aspects is that its cocreator, Larry Sanger, is a professional epistemologist – a philosopher who explores the very nature and sources of knowledge…”  Technology Review, 2005

“We sought out Larry when he announced availability for consulting. He suggested that he spend a few days analyzing Ballotpedia. We received back ten pages of carefully-written analysis and notes, which was full of perfectly on-target advice. We instructed our team to follow the advice, which prepared us beautifully (we are a neutral encyclopedia of American politics) for the very busy 2016 election year. This was a wonderful investment for our organization, and we can’t recommend the experience more highly.” Leslie Graves, CEO, and Geoff Pallay, Editor-in-Chief, Ballotpedia.org

“I was the first investor and adviser in Larry’s Infobitt project. Larry is brilliant. He has started a boatload of websites and has a proven and impressive ability to analyze website problems, especially for consumer-oriented community and content websites. Just as impressive is his ability to express himself in precise detail. He really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to starting websites, knowledge publishing, and online communities. I’d love to have his services when I do my due diligence. In fact, I have consulted with Larry when considering investments in e.g., the crowdsourcing information space.” Terrence Yang, Yang Ventures

“Larry has a very unique skill set as a business consultant in his ability to quickly and efficiently download and understand any product or service, organize strengths and weaknesses, and present his recommendations. He is as thorough as he is honest, and won’t make recommendations that he doesn’t sign off on 100%. With his vast experience, at a bare minimum, he can help any entrepreneur understand more about their own product/service. I highly recommend working with Larry.” Perrin Peacock, Co-founder, CardioSolution

“I became an investor in Larry’s startup, Infobitt, after I observed his ability to solve some early-stage problems in creative ways. I was also impressed with his ability to motivate and communicate clearly with a group of volunteers. When I was teaching entrepreneurship at Chapman University, I asked Larry to give some advice to a student group. He came back with more feedback than I expected. It was exactly on target, detailed, and insightful, reflecting his expertise with online community-building. Larry is a thoughtful and clear communicator and a true expert in his areas of strength. I highly recommend getting his help.” Christopher Buckstein, Dynamic Investments, Inc.